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Perinatal Mental Health

Wanting to create a family is a beautiful and complex experience. I provide counseling and support before, during, and after pregnancy. I offer services to help individuals who may be experiencing difficulty with the following areas: 

  • infertility

  • pregnancy

  • pregnancy and infant loss

  • birth trauma

  • NICU support

  • difficulty bonding with baby

  • grief and loss

  • pregnancy ambivalence 

  • postpartum anxiety and depression 

  • postpartum psychosis

  • surrogacy support

  • relationship issues

  • sexual concerns

  • adoption

  • abortion

  • other postpartum and parenting issues


Sex Therapy & Sexual Health 

Sexual health and well-being is an important part of the human experience. My approach is sex positive and inclusive of all genders, sexual, and relationship orientations. I offer services to help individuals who may be experiencing difficulty with the following areas: 

  • sexual pain and discomfort

  • intimacy issues

  • impact of chronic condition or disability on intimacy

  • orgasm concerns

  • arousal concerns

  • sexual desire concerns

  • sexual interest or orientation

  • exploration of kink/BDSM and fetish desires 

  • conception concerns

  • infertility

  • ethical non-monogamy

  • sex work affirming 

  • spiritual identity and integration 

  • consent and bodily autonomy

  • impulsive sexual behavior


Individual Therapy

Often individuals believe they may benefit from therapy but do not have one specific reason they identify with. In our sessions we can explore what themes are pertinent to your life, and figure out a way to bring about more ease and peace. Some common themes we may work on are:

  • work stress

  • moving

  • job transitions

  • going back to school as an older adult

  • anxiety 

  • depression 

  • family of origin dynamics

  • sexual identity and expression 

  • health concerns

  • self-esteem

  • grief and loss 

  • balance in relationships 

  • boundary setting

  • stress over grades

  • stress over career choice 

  • relationships  

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